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Daisy's puppies are two weeks old!

Daisy's puppies are now two weeks old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by! The first week, the puppies and Daisy did a lot of resting. Daisy is such a great momma dog and she takes great care of her babies! Also, during the first few days, the puppies make their first trip to the vet for an initial exam and to get their dew claws removed. We choose to do this when they are only a few days old because they don't really realize what is going on and they forget what just happened to them after about 15 seconds. It is much harder on me watching than the actually puppy! Once the puppies are 2 weeks old, they have about doubled in size! They now weigh about 4 lbs. I gave them their first worming, which they think tastes pretty good! Their eyes are now open and they are moving around the whelping box a lot more. They are starting to become very vocal when it is feeding time! It is so fun to watch them grow and change as the days go by! Before I know it, they will be ready to leave us for their forever homes!


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