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We feel so fortunate to have our Golden Retriever puppies owned by some amazing families from all over the United States! We have puppies in several states, including Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

We love to hear from our puppy families and get updates on how they are doing! It's so heart warming to hear that they are happy in their new homes!

"Anyone who wants a smart, loving and engaging dog needs to look at these litters. We have a female from a previous Piper-Buddy pairing, and she has brought joy to our lives."~Gerry Fraley, Texas



Golden Retriever puppy in Arkansas

"  My little boy, Gus came to us from Alabaster Goldens Kennel,Owner/Breeder Julie Lewis. My husband & I couldn't be happier. He is healthy, smart & has such a sweet personality. Julie is professional, dedicated, and caring. Her dogs & pups are a definite example of her love & high standard for the EC Breed."


-Sue Tyler, Fort Worth, TX

-Gus (Buddy x Daisy)

English style Golden Retriever in Arkansas

"Julie is an amazing person with a passion for each and every dog in her home. We love our puppy and are all smitten over him! Thank you Julie for all your time and effort u put into such a good looking golden."

-Crystal Biggs, Oklahoma owner

-Apollo, dog (Buddy x Piper)

"Our Alabaster Golden girl, Maggie, is the most wonderful dog!! Simply a perfect miracle, and will be considering a "sister" for her in the near future! Thank you Julie!!!"~Sue Augustus

English style Golden Retriever, puppy in Arkansas





The is Chloe!  She is a Buddy x Daisy puppy!  She has a wonderful home with the Miller family in Little Rock, AR!

"Our Alabaster boy Alex is the perfect addition to our family. He is gentle, great with kids, and a super sweet boy. We love him! Thank you Alabaster Goldens Kennel!"

-Katie DeFore, Little Rock, AR

-Alex (Titus x Lola)

English style Golden Retriever
English style Golden Retriever puppies

Duke is a Buddy x Honey pup. He found a new home in Tennessee with Logan! Congrats little boy!  What a great life you will have little Duke!

"We are beyond thrilled with our Ollie. He is almost 6 months old and not only is he beautiful, his personality fits our family perfectly. He goes to school with me every day and my whole school adores him. He is gentle and calm and just fantastic. I'd refer anybody to Alabaster for a pup."


~Carl Muken, Oregon 

Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Arkansas
Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Arkansas

"We love our new baby. Thor is so sweet, Julie did such a great job taking care of this baby boy and making sure he is a lap dog."~Cathy Bradley

"Julie and Randy treat their puppies as their babies giving them all of their love until they go to their forever homes. We love our 2 girls we got from them and can’t thank them enough. You will not find a better breeder!"~Sarah McGuire

Golden Retriever puppies in Arkansas

"We had the best experience with Alabaster Goldens and could not love our perfect new pup any more!! Thanks Julie!"

~Hannah Catlett  (Titus/Lola pup)

"Julie is wonderful to work with! She’s always helpful and responsive. She really cares about her dogs. My dog is very healthy and has a wonderful temperament. People always tell me how lucky I am to have such a great dog. I tell them that it’s great breeding." ~Emily Brown

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